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Lifeline USA Fitness Cables

Lifeline USA Fitness Cables (16 Inch / 40.64cm Length)

Build your own Chest Expander - mix and match cable strengths and handles. Lifeline USA Fitness Cables develop usable strength and flexibility. The exercises you can do with Fitness Cables are endless, including Curls, Tricep Extensions, Chest Pulls, Cable Pull Overs and much more.

Single Fitness Cables & Handles (Sold Seperately)

Product Name SKU Price Quantity
R3 (30lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Pink) LL-CX-R3V £5.75 inc. VAT
R4 (40lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Magenta) LL-CX-R4V £5.95 inc. VAT
R5 (50lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Orange) LL-CX-R5V £6.29 inc. VAT
R6 (60lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Red) LL-CX-R6V £6.70 inc. VAT
R7 (70lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Yellow) LL-CX-R7V <£7.50 inc. VAT
R8 (80lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Green) RES-LL-FC-008 £8.10 inc. VAT
R9 (90lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Blue) LL-CX-R8V £9.32 inc. VAT
Triple Grip Handles (Pair) RES-LL-HA-001V £14.54 inc. VAT

Set of 3 Fitness Cables & Handles (Sold Seperately)

Product Name SKU Price Quantity
Set of 3 R3 (30lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Pink) RES-LL-FC-012V £10.90 inc. VAT
Set of 3 R4 (40lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Magenta) LL-CX1-R4V £11.90 inc. VAT
Set of 3 R5 (50lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Orange) LL-CX1-R5V £12.58 inc. VAT
Set of 3 R6 (60lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Red) LL-CX1-R6V £13.40 inc. VAT
Set of 3 R7 (70lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Yellow) LL-CX1-R7V £15.00 inc. VAT
Set of 3 R8 (80lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Green)< LL-CX1-R8V £16.20 inc. VAT
Set of 3 R9 (90lbs) Single Fitness Cable (Blue) LL-CX1-R9V £18.65 inc. VAT
Triple Grip Handles (Pair) LL-TGH-V £14.95 inc. VAT

Usable Strength & Flexibility

Fitness Cables, also known as Chest Expanders, Strands and Resistance Bands develop usable strength and flexibility. These old-time strength tools can be integrated with your kettlebell drills, strength training and cardio conditioning routines.

Legendary Strongmen & Bodybuilders

Legendary strongmen such as Eugene Sandow, Thomas Inch and John Brookfield, and legendary bodybuilders John Grimick and Reg Park have said that cables were better than weights for developing usable strength. The old time strongmen such as Eugene Sandow and Thomas Inch were great strength cable pullers.

Some of the exercises you can do with Cables include: Bow and Arrow Pull, Bicep Curl, Reverse Curl, Tricep Kick Backs, Tricep Extensions, Front Chest Pull, Cable Pull Overs, Cable Push Ups, Lateral Raises etc.

Fitness Cables

The Fitness Cables range from 10lbs to 90lbs (when pulled to twice resting length). The resting length of the Fitness Cable is 16 inches (40.64cm). The Fitness Cables are made using Progressive Layering Technology, so they feel better and last longer than common fitness bands.


All Handles come in pairs and are sold seperately to the cables.

Triple grip handles are recommended as they hold 1, 2 or 3 cables allowing you to stack up to 270lbs of resistance.

Download Lifeline USA Cables User Guide


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