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Kettlebells.co.uk are delighted to offer the Hatton Boxing Range developed by Ricky Hatton.

This new range has been made to the highest standards with the best materials and manufacturing techniques. The range includes Boxing Gloves (Sparring & Fitness) as well as Boxing Pads including mitts and body protection.

Ricky Hatton has said: "Boxing is no longer confined to the traditional boxing gyms; it’s becoming more accessible as a sport and as a means of fitness for both men and women of all abilities"

Hatton Pro Sparring Lace Glove
  • Free Hand Wrap
  • £79.99
Hatton Pro Sparring Velcro Glove
  • Free Hand Wrap
  • £54.99
Hatton PU Cool Flow Fitness Glove
Hatton PU Velcro Sparring Glove
Hatton AirPro Hook and Jab Pads
  • Free Hand Wrap
  • £75.99
Hatton Curved Hook and Jab Pads
Hatton Body Belt
Hatton Hand Wraps
Hatton 3 in 1 Leather Bag
Hatton Heavy Bag
Hatton Maize Bag
Hatton Upper Cut Bag
Hatton Speed Ball
  • Hatton Speed Ball
  • Train for improved hand-eye co-ordination, reaction time, speed and agility....
Hatton Floor-to-Ceiling Ball