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Shop our range of Great Value Dumbbells including the new BoxBell Hybrid Kettlebell/Dumbbell. Now you can do your kettlebell swinging and dumbbell workouts with just one piece of equipment!

Dumbbells are versatile training tools that come in different shapes and weights. Most exercises that are performed with a barbell can be performed with a dumbbell such as bench presses, incline bench presses and tricep extensions. Dumbbell specific exercises can also be performed such as flyers, lateral raises and front raises. You can also perform leg exercises with dumbbells such as lunges and squats. Dumbbells will help you build a better body - Buy yours today!

The popular hexagonal dumbbells are rubber coated and the hexagonal head stops it rolling whilst the rubber coating helps protect floors and racks. We also have stylish and functional chrome dumbbells, popular with gyms and home gyms.

Boxbell Hybrid Kettlebell Dumbbell
  • Save up to £10.00
  • From £85.00
TuffTech Rubber Dumbbells
  • From £8.47 (Pair)
Hype Rubber Dumbbells
  • Hype Rubber Dumbbells
  • Premium quality, fixed weight Dumbbells, weights available: 2kg to 35kg... Sold in Pairs
  • Up to 38% OFF
  • £22.99 From £22.99 (Pair)
Hype Hex Dumbbells
  • Up to 20% OFF
  • From £9.98 (pair)
Strength Hex Dumbbells
Hype Chrome Dumbbells
  • SALE
  • From £9.98 (pair)
Jordan Studio Dumbbells
Hype Vertical Dumbbell Rack
  • £20 OFF
  • £129.99 Now £109.99
Hype Horizontal Dumbbell Rack
  • £50 OFF
  • £349.99 Now £299.99


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