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Monster Conditioning: Foundation - Strength and Endurance Bag

Monster Conditioning: Foundation - Strength & Endurance by Bud Jeffries

4 DVD set from World Champion Drug-Free Powerlifter, Bud Jeffries that shows you the exact steps you need to build a foundation of Super Strength, Super Endurance and how to do both at the same time.


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Monster Conditioning: Foundation (4 DVDs) DVD-012 RRP £69.99 £20.99 inc. VAT

4 DVD Set

Can You Deadlift 500 lbs and do 500 Kettlebell Swings in the Same Workout? If not, keep reading...

Both Strength & Endurance

When the entire fitness world was saying that you can have strength or endurance but not both, World Champion Drug-Free Powerlifter, Bud Jeffries, was a pioneer in showing the world how you could do both and at high levels.

Monster Conditioning is all about stepping outside the box in the strength and endurance world how normal people think. You need a firm foundation for your training. These 4 DVDs are designed to show you the exact steps you need to build that foundation of Super Strength, Super Endurance and be able to do both at the same time.

Just A Few Things You Will Learn from Bud

- Why the Mental Genetics are More Important than Physical Genetics
- Are You Doing These Two Universal Big Payoff Movements?
- How to Harness Your Personal Gifts
- You have to do Squats...Or do you?
- Why Following Your Body Structure is More Important than “Perfect” Technique
- Use a Simple Visualization Skill to Erase Doubt
- How to Conquer Fears of Heavy Weights
- Why Chi is the Key to the Upper Level of Training Success
- How to Use the Right Amount of Variety
- How Much Volume is Needed?
- Partial Training
- Why You Need Endurance for Super Strength
- Some of the Secrets of Super Endurance
- Why Normal Aerobic Exercise is Not What You Want
- The Balance of Tension and Relaxation
- Emotions and Endurance Training
- Interval and Intense Training - The Good and the Bad
- How to do 3rd Way Cardio and Reap the Big Benefits
- One Exercise at a Time or Multiple?
- Why you MUST Choose a Way to Consistently Test Yourself
- The Value of Working in Every Direction with Multi-Angular Training
- How Nutrition Plays into Your Endurance
- Why Most People Are Doing Too Much in Time and Volume

...and much more!

About Bud Jeffries

"Bud defies the laws of physiology. His body could have been custom made for strength, forged from the same mold as Louis Cyr and Paul Anderson. Jeffries’ 1,000-pound squat starting from the bottom of a power rack is a strength feat legends are made of. Respect but no surprises so far. Then I watch this mountain of muscle drop into an effortless full side split, relaxed as a little gymnast girl. I have been fortunate to meet very strong men and very flexible ones—but they were never the same. Until Bud". Pavel Tsatsouline.

World Champion Drug-Free Powerlifter Bud Jeffries has been called "the modern-day Paul Anderson". Maybe that’s because he has squatted 1,000 lbs. with just a belt from the bottom position of the rack. (If you’ve never tried bottom position squats it’s a whole lot harder.) He has pressed over 300 lbs, done a situp with 400lbs.

But you know he’s not just all brute strength. In fact he has incredible endurance too. We’re talking about thousands of reps in pushups, squats, kettlebells swings and much more. Even that just scratches the surface.

He’s a man who has taken all kinds of training and combined them together. Really taking the best of all tools and methods to build super human strength and endurance. Bud has launched a new site Strongerman.com to help teach you how he’s done all this and how you can to.

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