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Bud Jeffries
John Brookfield
Jon Hinds
Jordan Jovtchev

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Strength Training and Kettlebell Training DVDs from some of the World's experts: Legend of Grip Strength John Brookfield, World Powerlifting Champion Bud Jeffries, World Champion Gymnast Jordan Jovtchev, and founder of the Monkey Bar Gym, Jon Hinds!

Kettlebell Mania, Top Secret DVD
Jordan Jovtchev Ring Strength DVD
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  • £29.98 £8.99
Jon Hinds Monkey Bar Gym DVDs
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Bud Jeffries Monster Conditioning: Foundation DVD
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Bud Jeffries Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning: Squats DVD
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Bud Jeffries Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning: Pushups DVD
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  • £49.99 £14.99
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