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Sandbag Training is becoming ever more popular in functional training facilities, boxing gyms, elite performance centres and rehab facilities. Training with Sandbags helps improve strength, strength endurance, power endurance, grip strength and can accelerate fat loss.

Sandbags are a great alternative to traditional medicine balls, barbells and dumbbells as they can be thrown, caught, pressed etc. Add Sandbag Training to your workout routine for added variety - see what they can do for you!

Titan Bags
Jordan Xtreme Sandbag
  • Save up to £7.00
  • From £42.40
Jordan Xtreme Sandball
Jordan Sandbag Pro
Jordan Flexi Bags
  • Jordan Flexi-Bags
  • Lift it, swing it, curl it, press it - weights ranging from 5kg to 20kg...
Jordan Sandbag Pro
  • RAZE PWR Barrel
  • Weights available: 10kg to 30kg - An old-time Strongman favourite...
  • From £156.00