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Strength Training uses resistance to increase muscle size, strength and endurance. Strength Training is central to sports including bodybuilding, weightlifting, strongman, football etc. Strength Training has health benefits for everyone, as well as building muscle and strength, Strength Training increases bone, tendon and ligament strength, can improve joint function, increase bone density, raise fitness levels and increse your metabolism.

Build your body like the Old Time greats such as Eugene Sandow, Arthur Saxon, Steeve Reeves and Reg Park. Improve your fitness, stamina and endurance like the professional athletes of today. Browse our Strength Training Equipment and add it to your Free Weights and Kettlebell routines.

Jordan Gym Hammers
  • Jordan Gym Hammers
  • Weights available: 4kg-10kg, featuring an optimal grip to prevent slipping...
  • Save up to £5.00
  • From £31.92
Hype Battling Ropes
  • Up to 48% OFF
  • From £49.99
Jordan Training Ropes
  • 15% Off
  • From £162.55
Jordan Xtreme Sandbags
Jordan Xtreme Sandball
Jordan Sandbag Pro
Jordan Sandbag Pro
  • RAZE PWR Barrel
  • Weights available: 10kg to 30kg - An old-time Strongman favourite...
  • From £156.00
Strength Hyperextension Bench
Strength Reverse Hyper Machine
  • FREE UK & Ireland Delivery
  • £599.99
Strength Riot Multi-Station
  • FREE UK & Ireland Delivery
  • £429.99
Strength Riot Pull-Up
Strength Pull-Up Bar
Strength Sissy Squat Bench
Strength Glute Ham Developer Compact
  • FREE UK & Ireland Delivery
  • £259.99
Strength Glute Ham Developer Deluxe
  • FREE UK & Ireland Delivery
  • £429.99
RAZE Battling Rope
  • From from £54.07
RAZE Battling Rope with Sleeve
  • From from £92.70
Buy Wolverson Battling Ropes
Wolverson Battling Rope Anchor
Jordan Training Rope Anchor
Jordan Training Rope Storage Point
Jordan Flexi Bags
  • Jordan Flexi-Bags
  • Lift it, swing it, curl it, press it - weights ranging from 5kg to 20kg...
Strength 20kg Weighted Vests
Jordan Lifting Chains
  • From £148.38
Jordan Performance Sled
Jordan Prowler Sled


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