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Brand: Lifeline Fitness

TNT Cables

Lifeline TNT Resistance Cables (60 Inch / 152.3cm / 5ft Length)


Proven to be better than weights for developing size, strength and power - full body workouts with just one training tool!

Single TNT Cables

Product Name SKU Price Quantity
R1 (10lbs) Single TNT Cable (Teal) LL-TNT-001V RRP: £8.57
SAVE 35% £5.57 inc. VAT
R2 (20lbs) Single TNT Cable (Purple) LL-TNT-002V RRP: £9.56
SAVE 32% £6.50 inc. VAT
R3 (30lbs) Single TNT Cable (Pink) LL-TNT-003V RRP: £10.86
SAVE 21% £8.56 inc. VAT
R4 (40lbs) Single TNT Cable (Magenta) LL-TNT-004V RRP: £11.88 HALF PRICE!
£5.94 inc. VAT
R5 (50lbs) Single TNT Cable (Orange) LL-TNT-005V RRP: £12.55
SAVE 20% £9.91 inc. VAT
R6 (60lbs) Single TNT Cable (Red) LL-TNT-006V RRP: £13.55
SAVE 22% £10.57 inc. VAT
R7 (70lbs) Single TNT Cable (Yellow) LL-TNT-007V RRP: £14.54
Out of stock
R8 (80lbs) Single TNT Cable (Green) LL-TNT-008V RRP: £16.54
SAVE 40% £9.92 inc. VAT
R9 (90lbs) Single TNT Cable (Blue) LL-TNT-009V RRP: £18.53
SAVE 41% £10.93 inc. VAT
R10 (100lbs) Single TNT Cable (Black) LL-TNT-010V RRP: £19.98
SAVE 40% £11.99 inc. VAT

Handles (Pairs) & Attachments

Product Name SKU Price Quantity
Triple Grip Handles (Pair) LL-TGH-V £14.99 inc. VAT
Heavy Duty Door Anchor LL-HDA-V £6.98 inc. VAT

Better Than Weights:

The Lifeline TNT Cable System is proven to be better than weights for developing size, strength and power, according to Kevin Pasquay, Performance Director at the Sports Science Center.

The TNT resistance training system works your arms and shoulders with bicep curls and frontal raises etc. It can also build your lower body strength with lunges and squat presses. You can easily vary the number of cables used-or switch them out with a new set to vary your workouts.

TNT Cables range from 10lbs to 100lbs (when pulled to twice resting length). The resting length of the TNT Cables is 1524mm (60 inches / 5 feet long / 152.4cm).


A pair of Triple Grip Handles holds up to 3 cables. A pair of Exchange Handles holds 1 cable only.

Heavy Duty Door Attachment:

Made of industrial webbing. Holds up to 350lbs of pressure. Oversized pocket holds up to 3 Lifeline cables (peak resistance 300lbs). The Lifeline Cable Bar can also be purchased.

Orbiter XT:

The all-new Orbiter XT™ is the ideal mounting system for Lifeline USA interchangeable cables. With premium five foot strap with Cable Cradles and strap locks on either end, the Orbiter XT™ wraps around nearly any fixed point to anchor your fitness bands. Although ideally suited for door mounting, the Orbiter XT™ can also work off of posts, fences, and a variety of other anchoring points to expand your resistance workouts. With two anchor points rather than one, diversify your repertoire of cable movements and ensure your safety in the process.

Features: Self-centering cable cradles reduce cable wear, Strap locks prevent movement at anchor points, Rugged webbing load-rated to 800 lbs. (or 400 lbs. per side).


Download Lifeline USA Cables User Guide

Cable Length:

The cables are 60 inches (152.3cm / 5ft) in length and are "TNT Cables", not the shorter "Fitness Cables".



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