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by Jim Lewis

If you are new to kettlebell training or not sure which kettlebell to choose, please call Jim Lewis for advice on 0115 920 2810. We want you to buy the kettlebell that is right for you. The information laid out below has been written to help you.

Competition Kettlebells

The Professional Competition Kettlebells (or Championship Kettlebells) are the international standard and they are made from steel.

- Competition Kettlebells are hollow steel kettlebells (not fillable) and more durable than cast iron kettlebells.
- All Competition Kettlebells regardless of weight have the same diameter bell.
- The thickness of the steel wall varies with the weight and the internal cavity is larger or smaller.
- You don't have to change your style or action when swingingas the bell diameter is the same on all weights.

John Brookfield Hollow Fillable Kettlebells

The John Brookfield Kettlebells are hollow fillable kettlebells made from steel.

- The JB Kettlebell is unique as it can be used empty or filled with shot.
- It is the only kettlebell that has a dynamic feel to it, as the shot moves inside the bell giving a constant moving tension.
- JB Kettlebells are one the best kettlebells for strength and endurance training.
- The thicker handle challenges you more, especially your grip.
- The John Brookfield Kettlebell has a removeable steel plug in the bottom for filling with shot (allen key supplied).

Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells

The Cast Iron Kettlebells we have selected are all good quality and have ample space between the top of the bell and handle for comfort in use. (Beware of kettlebells with large, loopy handles as they are less controllable when cleaning and snatching). Whether you choose a standard black cast iron kettlebell, a vinyl or neoprene covered kettlebell, or a rubbercoated kettlebell is purely down to personal taste.

Which Weight?

Remember when all is said and done your choice of kettlebell is personal to you. There is no such thing as a 'Starter Kettlebell' for Men or for Women as people's size, strength and fitness levels vary. You should not start with a kettlebell that is too light, you want a kettlebell that challenges you.

Consult your physician before beginning any physical training program or using any new physical training equipment. Do not perform exercises that cause injury or irritation to a pre-existing injury or medical condition.

Author: Jim Lewis

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